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Landscape Design & Installation

Outdoor living designs, landscapes & installation with RHS

RHS provides complete design, build and install services with plans and construction capabilities customized to your every need. We offer services for complete projects including landscaping, walkways, patios, swimming pools, outbuildings, unique water features, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and more.

Outdoor Kitchen

Our design, build and install projects are customized to your preferences. RHS offers the option for water-wise designs, as well as site evaluation, consultation, and recommendations on plant/tree selection and placement for projects small and large. The entire process includes long-term site management for optimal results.

Richards Horticulture Service offers an array of design possibilities, from familiar to exotic options. Customized computer generated imaging is provided for appropriate projects. And RHS has a variety of designers, engineers and architects on hand for projects in need of such services.

For smaller-scale changes to your home or business, RHS also provides seasonal color planting, flower pot and hanging basket work to give your landscape up-to-date accents.